1   Quantification of Ecosystem Services of Plantations Raised on Coal Mine Overburden Dumps for Economic Valuation V. M. Mhaiske and A. Jain  
2   Determinants of Farmers’ Perception about Climate Change in Marathwada Region Bhong M. U. Kadam R. P. and Pawar G. S.  
3   Traditional Knowledge and Consumption Pattern of Edible Bamboo Shoots in South Konkan Narvankar V. R, Gaddam S. R., Arekar P. C., Bagade S. A., Warak A. K., Rane A. D.
4   Efficient and Economical Agricultural Intercrops Growing under Cashew-based Agroforestry System under Rainfed Condition in Konkan Region of Maharashtra V. V. Dalvi, N.A. Meshram, A. S. Shigwan and A. D. Rane
5   Partitioning Dry Matter and Growth Functions of Finger Millet (Eleusinecoracana(L) Gaertn) as influenced by different Land Situations, various Planting Geometry and Levels of Fertilizer under Lateritic Soil of Konkan Region M. J. Mane, U. V. Mahadkar, D. N. Jagtap, V. V. Sagavekar and J. S. Dhekale
6   Productivity and Economics of Kharif Rice (Oryza sativa L.) influenced by different Establishment Techniques and Weed Management Practices V. G. Pinjari, M. S. Jadhav, D. N. Jagtap, S. S. Pinjari, V. A. Rajemahadik, C. S. Kadam and J. S. Dhekale