1. Natural Resource Management (NRM) :--

i. Soil
ii. Agronomy

2. Forestry :--

i. Forest fruits
ii. Timber and Non-timber Products
iii.Wild Life

3. Horticulture :--

i. Pomology
ii. Floriculture

4. Post-Harvest Management (PHM) :--

i. Horticulture
ii. Agriculture
iv. Animal Products

5. Fisheries :--

i. Marine
ii. Ornamental
iv. Brackish water

6. Animal Husbandry

7. Agril. Engineering and Technology

8. Social Sciences :--

i. Economics
ii. Extension
iii.Agro Tourism

9. Plant Sciences :--

i. Physiology
ii. Bio-chemistry
iii.Plant breeding
iv. Seed technology

10. Plant Protection